Simulator League

Fox Hollow 2023 Winter Simulator League! 

League Play

  • January 29th 2023 to April 22nd 2023
  • $200 Simulator League Fee for Prize Pool and Administration
  • $25 Flat Simulator Rate per round (Weekdays & Weekends)
  • New league week will be Sunday to Saturday. To be considered for Weekly Prize and Skins, you must complete your round by Saturday closing time.

Simulator League Days

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings will be the designated “Sim League” nights and Simulators will be blocked off for league players.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays will be the preferred dates to complete your Sim League round with other participants.
  • If these dates will not work on any given week, the round may be completed, and the scorecard must be turned before closing on Saturday

Simulator Rules

  • Simulator Rounds should be completed the week they are assigned.
  • If there is a schedule conflict, future rounds may be played ahead of time. Previous rounds may be completed as well, but you will not be eligible for that week’s weekly prizes.
  • The AboutGolf Simulator Balls provided before your round must be the ball used for the Simulator League. Use of any other golf ball will result in a disqualification of that week’s round


  • Everyone’s handicap will be based from the first three rounds completed in league play.
  • Returning players handicaps will be rolled over into the new session.
  • After establishing the handicap, it will be applied to the first three rounds of the league.
  • Handicaps will be applied for NET prizes.
  • Handicaps will be based on league rounds only.

Score Reporting

  • Scorecards for each league round will be available at the front desk prior to your round.
  • Each participant is responsible for writing their scores on the provided scorecard and turning them in to the front desk upon completion with another league member’s signature.
  • Do to a schedule conflict or if a round is needed to be completed ahead of time, please inform the front desk that you will need a scorecard for the week you are looking to complete.


  • Mulligans will not be permitted while playing your league round
  • If the system is to have a glitch, please inform pro shop staff and they will determine if the mulligan is reasonable or not
  • Non-reasonable mulligans will result in disqualification of that round.

Scoring and Format

  • Each player will complete the 18-hole course with conditions and guidelines given
  • If a player fails to turn in a scorecard before Saturday at close, they will forfeit the week.
  • After week 3, handicaps will be given, and each player will have a NET and GROSS score.
  • Each round must be completed by the individual who has paid for the league. You may not have a teammate at any point during the session.


  • Prize pool will depend on the overall size of the Simulator League
  • A prize will be given out to each NET and GROSS winners of each week
  • End of session prizes will include NET and GROSS winners

Practice Rounds

  • Players are not permitted to play a practice round on the same day they play their counted round
  • Practice rounds will be $25 per hour

Reserving Simulators

  • You can reserve a spot for the designated sim league evenings starting on Saturday the previous week.
  • Designated sim nights will have a limit of 12 people per night
  • If a player chooses to do their round on another date, they are responsible for setting up their simulator time on the correct simulator for that week.

Thank you for considering our 2021 Simulator League at Fox Hollow

We look forward to having you!