Golf Lessons

Certified Golf Instructor Tammy Chauvin Available for Lessons at Fox Hollow Dome!

Tammy fell in love with golf in Alaska in the mid 90’s. She lived in Fairbanks at the time and was unable to find a female instructor (pre-Google). So, she decided she would become a teaching professional. She started to attend classes and teaching seminars with the United States Golf Teaching Professionals. She achieved Level III, USGTF Teaching Certification. She started her golf career in Alaska and things were going great when her primary employer decided she needed to see the world of drilling oil wells across the Middle East, Africa and Kazakhstan.

During this time, she stayed dedicated to the game and up to date on teaching and learning the game. She was laid off when the price of oil dropped in 2016 and spent a year dedicated to the game and working with a wonderful, LPGA instructor, on her game and observing her teach and assisted with clinics.

She returned to Alaska to start back in the golf industry. She looks forward to growing the game of golf and helping you to improve your game.

She enjoys working with ladies who want to start, and the little ones, start them early. Consider an after-school lesson as an alternative sport.

Tammy is currently working on her LPGA certificate and continues to learn more about this great game.

Tammy is available for lessons at Fox Hollow Dome. Please contact the dome at 907-345-4600 to get started.

Tammy Contact Number Phone: 832.260.6446



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