KTVA – It’s dome, sweet dome: Fox Hollow steps forward to handle new business


Losing an indoor sports facility in some spots around the country would be a nuisance, though hardly a big deal. But not in Alaska. Not in winter. 

With the collapse of The Dome last month also went a place many teams and leagues count on, especially during these harsher weather days. So how did a spot known for golf help the indoor soccer season?

When owners of the Fox Hollow Golf Course opened their dome’s doors, folks realized they might not be stuck out in the cold after all.

“I grew up playing sports, playing soccer here in town, golf and soccer are kind of my passions,” said Kurt Imig, a co-owner of Fox Hollow. “The reason the facility is here is for indoor sports during the winter time.”

That’s made soccer players like Keegynn Applegate very happy.

“I was really excited because I get to come back and do what I love, and just play and be competitive” she said. 

And the Cook Inlet Soccer Club is back in business, though it never actually left.

“We really didn’t skip a beat. Within a day, we found a place to play,” said Pete Showler, the club’s executive director. “My staff worked fantastic.”

Officials hope The Dome is able to reopen sometime this year. In the meantime, Fox Hollow, known for its golf, now serves its own pitch—with an opportunity for golfers to still putt.